We're delighted to announce the release of LabKey Server version 20.7.

Highlights of Version 20.7

  • ODBC on Cloud Hosted Servers - Connect Tableau and other analysis tools to cloud hosted LabKey Severs using ODBC.
  • Specimen File Watcher - Configure a file watcher to import study specimens.
  • Sample Sources - Track the sources and provenance of your samples, such as subject or lab of origin.
  • Sample Timeline - Capture all events related to a specific sample in a convenient graphical timeline. Timeline information can be exported to Excel, TSV, and CSV formats for auditing purposes.
  • Domain Editor Update - Datasets, Issues, and Query Metadata now use the same updated field editor UI as all other data structures.
  • Responsive Logos - To support small devices, such as phones and tablets, add a responsive logo to display when the browser is too narrow for the full-sized logo.

Premium Resources Highlights

Release Notes

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