This topic is under construction for the July 2020 release of LabKey Server.

Sample Sets and Data Classes

  • Consolidation of UI pages for creating sample sets
  • Merging during import to Data Classes; data classes are now indexed for searching
  • Sample parents can be deleted
  • Sample timeline added to audit logging (docs)

User Interface

  • Datasets, Issues, and Query Metadata use the new field editor UI.
  • Add a Responsive Logo to display when browser is too narrow for ordinary logo. (docs)
  • The "Settings" tab is now the default when you open the admin console.


  • Specimen File Watcher (docs)


  • A SAML identity provider can be the default authenticator (docs)
  • CAS authentication supports the /logout API. (docs)


  • Module loading without server restart (docs)
  • Cross-folder query dependency tracing (docs)
  • Removal of "Mass Spec Metadata" built in assay type


  • Rlabkey version 2.4.0 The update of the Rlabkey client library for R to version 2.4.0 brings several notable changes:
  • labkey.experiment.saveBatch includes the batchPropertyList parameter
  • labkey.domain.createDesign now has a labkey.domain.createIndices helper and indices parameter
  • New methods for managing projects and folders:,,,


  • JS API
    • new version numbers
    • available on Artifactory
  • Proxy Servlets (docs)


  • Changes to How JDBC Jars are Distributed - The JDBC jars (jtds.jar, postgresql.jar, mysql.jar) are now versioned and distributed inside the module directories like any other third-party jar, making it unnecessary to copy them to the CATALINA_HOME/lib directory during installation and upgrade. When you upgrade to 20.7, delete these JDBC jars files from CATALINA_HOME/lib to avoid conflicts.
  • When building from source, the /optionalModules and /externalModules directories are no longer used. Move all contents from these directories into /server/modules. Note that this change only applies to developers building the server from source; for production servers /externalModules can still be used for deploying modules.

The symbol indicates a feature available in a Premium Edition of LabKey Server.


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