We're delighted to announce the release of LabKey Server version 19.1.x.

Feature Highlights of Version 19.1.x

  • External Reporting and Analytic Tools - Use Tableau Desktop, Microsoft Excel, and other analytic tools with data stored in LabKey Server using an ODBC connection. Supported clients also include Access and SQL Server Reporting Services. (docs)
  • QC Trend Report Workflow Improvements - Create quality control trend reports based on custom views. Graph standard deviation and percent of mean. Manage guide sets directly from the plot page. (docs)
  • Antivirus scanning for cloud-based file repositories - Apply virus checking to files in cloud locations. (docs)
  • QC Analyst Role - Allow non-administrators to set QC states on rows in a dataset, but not manage QC configurations. (docs)
  • Date and Time Selectors - Survey questions support a graphical date picker and a pulldown menu for selecting the time. (docs)
  • Multiple File Upload Per Run - When importing an assay run, select multiple files for upload. Supported for GPAT and Luminex assays. (docs)
  • Filtered Lookups - Filter the set of values displayed in a lookup dropdown when inserting or updating data. (docs)
  • Premium Resources - New resources available to users of premium editions of LabKey Server include:

See the full Release Notes 19.1

The symbol indicates a feature available in a Premium Edition of LabKey Server.

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