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High-throughput 384-well NAb assays may contain hundreds of samples with dilutions across plates or within a single plate and the resulting graphs and views can be complex. The LabKey NAb Assay tools provide quick visual feedback allowing you to confirm a valid run or immediately correct and rerun if necessary.

Review NAb Dashboard

After uploading a NAb run, you will see the NAb Dashboard. The Run Summary section includes the percent neutralization for each dilution or concentration, calculated after subtraction of background activity. The NAb tool fits a curve to the neutralization profile using the method you specified when uploading the run (in this tutorial example a five-parameter fit). It uses this curve to calculate neutralizing antibody titers and other measures. The tool also calculates “point-based” titers by linearly interpolating between the two replicates on either side of the target neutralization percentage.

The percent coefficient of variation (%CV) is shown on the neutralization curve charts as vertical lines from each data point.

If you are not working through the tutorial on your own server, you can view a similar dashboard in the interactive example.

If you navigate away from the dashboard you can return to from the Run view by clicking the info icon .

Below the graphs, a data summary by specimen and participant includes:

  • AUC -- Area Under the Curve. This is the total area under the curve based on the titrations, with negative regions counting against positive regions.
  • PositiveAUC -- Positive Area Under the Curve. This figure represents only the areas under the curve that are above the y-axis.

Even lower on the page, you'll find even more detailed specimen and plate data.

Quality Control

An administrator can review and mark specific wells for exclusion from calculations. See NAb Assay QC for details.

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