Projects and folders are used to organize workspaces in LabKey Server. To create a new project or folder, you must have administrative privileges.

Create a New Project

  • To create a new project, either:
    • Select (Admin) > Site > Create Project, OR
    • Click the Create Project icon at the bottom of the project menu.
  • Enter a Name for your project.
  • If you would like to specify an alternate display title, uncheck the Use name as title box and a new box for entering the display title will appear.
  • Select a Folder Type, and click Next.
  • Choose initial permission settings for the project. You can change these later if necessary. Options:
    • My User Only
    • Copy from Existing Project: Select this option, then choose the project from the pulldown.
    • Click Next.
  • Customize Project Settings if desired (see list below), and click Finish.
  • You will now be on the home page of your new project.

Project Settings

The look and feel, custom menus, and file roots for a project can be set now or you can accept the defaults and customize them later. For details, see Project Settings.

Create a New Folder / Subfolder

  • To add a folder to a project, navigate to where you want the subfolder. There are two options:
    • Use the Create Folder icon at the bottom of the project and folder menu, OR
    • Select (Admin) > Folder > Management and click Create Subfolder to create a new (child) folder of the current location.
  • Provide a Name. By default, the name will also be the folder title.
    • If you would like to specify an alternate title, uncheck the Use name as title box and a new box for entering the title will appear.
  • Select a Folder Type.
  • Select how to determine Users/Permissions in the new folder.
  • Click Finish.

Create a Folder from a Template

You can create a new folder using an existing folder as a template, selecting which objects to copy to the new folder. For example, you could set up one folder with all the necessary web parts, tabs, and explanatory wikis, then create many working folders as "clones" of the template.

  • Use either method above to create a new folder.
  • Provide a Name, and optional alternate title.
  • As Folder Type, select the radio button Create from Template Folder:
    • From the Choose Template Folder pulldown menu, select an existing folder to use as a template.
    • Use checkboxes to select the Folder objects to copy from the template and whether to include subfolders. Note that when using a study folder as a template, the dataset data and specimens are not eligible to be copied to the new folder. To copy datasets and/or specimens, use the study import process.
  • Click Next and complete the rest of the wizard as above.

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