Installing the driver

  • Use the package manager homebrew to download the drivers. Run this command:
brew install psqlodbc
  • This should install two files at /usr/local/Cellar/psqlodbc/12.00.0000/lib:
    • - This file is the ANSI version. (Hence the file name ends in 'a', indicating ANSI.)
    • - This file is the Unicode version.
  • Additional information can be found at

Install the ODBC Manager

  • Download and install the ODBC manager from:
  • Install the driver and configure a DSN as follows:
  • In order to install the driver and create a system DSN, the ODBC manager must be run as root. If your account does not have root level access you will need to open the application as root.
  • Run ODBC and click on the drivers tab to add a new driver using the driver files downloaded.
  • Define a system level DSN, key/value pairs are added for each parameter using the add button. You will need the parameters as follows:
    • Data Source Name (DSN)
    • uid: Your user ID
    • pwd: The password for that ID
    • server: your server (i.e. localhost shown here)
    • port: the port (i.e. 5435 shown here)
    • database: the container path on your LabKey Server (/Home/MyDataFolder shown here, meaning the "MyDataFolder" folder in the "Home" project).


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