We're delighted to announce the release of LabKey Server version 23.11.

Highlights of Version 23.11

LabKey Server

  • Support for Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) 2 Factor Authentication. (docs)
  • The "Strong" password strength setting supports enhanced security with stronger, entropy-based password requirements. (docs)
  • Rename standard assay designs when requirements change. (docs)

Sample Manager

  • Additional columns help users track sample counts, as well as available aliquot amounts. (docs | docs)
  • Adding Samples to Storage is easier with an intuitive preview of potential storage options, preselection of the previously used location, and selection of placement direction. (docs)
  • Sources can have lineage relationships, enabling the representation of more use cases. (docs)

Biologics LIMS

  • Coming soon: Biologics LIMS will now offer strong support for antibody discovery operations. Learn more at our upcoming webinar. Register here!
  • Registry Source detail pages show all samples that are 'descended' from that source as well as assay data and job assignments for those samples. (docs)
  • Data structures including Sample Types, Registry Source Types, Assay Designs, and Storage can be changed without navigating first to the home project. (docs)
  • The pattern used to generate new ELN IDs can be selected from several options, which apply on a site-wide basis. (docs)

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Release Notes

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