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LabKey Server tools for Luminex® assays help you to manage, quality control, analyze, share, integrate and export Luminex results.

This tutorial is the first of two for Luminex assays, and covers basic procedures specific to working with the BioPlex data. If you are unfamiliar with the general process of creating an assay design and importing data files into the LabKey assay framework, you may find it helpful to first review the material in Tutorial: Import Experimental / Assay Data.

In this tutorial you will:

  • Create a Luminex specific assay design.
  • Import Luminex assay data and collect additional, pre-defined analyte, run and batch properties for each run or batch of runs.
  • Exclude an analyte's results from assay results, either for a single replicate group of wells or for all wells.
  • Import single runs composed of multiple files and associate them as a single run of standards, quality controls and unknowns.
  • Copy quality-controlled, sample-associated assay results into a LabKey study to allow integration with other types of data.
The Luminex assay runs you import in this tutorial can be seen in the interactive example. This example allows visitors to interact with Luminex features that do not require editor-level or higher permissions.

Tutorial Steps

Set Up Luminex Tutorial

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