A List is a flexible, user-defined table that is defined and managed via the LabKey Server web UI. Lists can be used for a variety of purposes:
  • A place to store and edit data entered by users via forms or editable grids
  • Defined vocabularies, which can be used to constrain choices during completion of fields in data entry forms
  • Simple workflows that incorporate discussions, documents, and states
  • Read-only resources that users can search, filter, sort, and export
The schema of a list can be defined manually, created using the schema of another list as a template, or inferred from the contents of a data file. Lists can be linked via lookups and joins to create custom grid views that draw data from many sources. Populated lists can be exported and imported as archives for easy transfer between development, staging and production folders or servers.

Lists Web Part

You will need to enable list management before you can create lists. Add the Lists web part to the project or folder using the Select Web Parts drop-down.






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