This topic is under construction for the 19.3 release of LabKey Server.

User Experience

  • New Field Designer - The field designer has been improved for assay designs.

External Analytics

  • MATLAB - MATLAB is supported using the ODBC connector. Also available in 19.2.? todo
  • JDBC Driver Supports Folder Filters - Use the containerFilter parameter to scope queries. (docs)

RStudio Integration

  • Shiny Support - Shiny is supported in both RStudio and RStudio Pro.


  • Lineage Improvements - Details panel provides information on lineage relationships. Especially useful for large lineage graphs.

Panorama Partners

  • Add Run-Scoped QC Metrics
  • Define Custom QC Metrics


  • Assay Refactoring - Assays are no longer dependent on the study module.


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