This tutorial highlights a few of the tools included in LabKey Server to help manage an observational cohort study and associated data. In particular, this tutorial focuses on analyzing and integrating heterogeneous data in an "up and running" study. (To learn how to get a study up and running from scratch, see Tutorial: Set Up a New Study.)

As you proceed through the tutorial, imagine that you are a researcher looking into how HIV affects the immune system. You have already:

  • Collected basic demographic and physiological data from your study participants.
  • Performed a number of blood tests and assays on the participants over time.
  • Imported and configured the data into a study in LabKey Server.
The steps as written require administrator permissions, which you will have if you complete the tutorial on your own local evaluation server. Many of the features can be explored in our interactive example, via links within the steps.

Tutorial Steps

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