When you create a project or folder, you select a Folder Type. The folder type will determine which Modules are available in each folder by default. Modules form the functional units of LabKey Server and provide task-focused features for storing, processing, sharing and displaying files and data. For more information about the modules available, see Community Edition Modules.

To view the available folder types:

  • Select (Admin) > Folder > Management.
  • Click the Folder Type tab.
  • Folder types appear on the left.
    • You may see additional folder types depending on the modules available on your server.
  • Each folder type comes with a characteristic set of activated modules. Modules appear on the right - activated modules have checkmarks.

Folder TypeDescription
Collaboration (Default)A Collaboration folder is a container for publishing and exchanging information. Available tools include Message Boards, Issue Trackers and Wikis. Depending on how your project is secured, you can share information within your own group, across groups, or with the public.
AssayAn Assay folder is used to design and manage instrument data and includes tools to analyze, visualize and share results.
FlowA Flow folder manages compensated, gated flow cytometry data and generates dot plots of cell scatters. Perform statistical analysis and create graphs for high-volume, highly standardized flow experiments. Organize, archive and track statistics and keywords for FlowJo experiments.
MS2A folder of type MS2 is provided to manage tandem mass spectrometry analyses using a variety of popular search engines, including Mascot, Sequest, and X!Tandem. Use existing analytic tools like PeptideProphet and ProteinProphet.
PanoramaPanorama folders are used for all workflows supported by Skyline (SRM-MS, filtering or MS2 based projects). Three configurations are available for managing targeted mass spectrometry data, management of Skyline documents, and quality control of instruments and reagents.
StudyA Study folder manages human and animal studies involving long-term observations at distributed sites, including multiple visits, standardized assays, and participant data collection. Modules are provided to analyze, visualize and share results.
CustomCreate a tab for each LabKey module you select. A legacy feature used in older LabKey installations, provided for backward compatibility. Note that any LabKey module can also be enabled in any folder type via Folder Management. Note that in this legacy folder type, you cannot customize the tabs shown - they will always correspond with the enabled modules.
Create From Template FolderCreate a new project or folder using an existing folder as a template. You can choose which parts of the template folder are copied and whether to include subfolders.

Premium Folder Types

Premium Editions of LabKey Server may include additional project and folder types.

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