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TitleDescriptionVersionVideo LinkLength
LabKey Server OverviewAn introduction to LabKey Server. Video4 min
Site NavigationNavigate projects and folders with popover menus. Video1 min
New Chart DesignerUse drag-and-drop column selection and a more intuitive layout of configuration options to create a visualizations. 16.3 Video6 mins
Pie and Bar ChartsNew options for creating bar charts and pie charts as column visualizations and in the chart designer. 16.3 Video7 mins

Webinars and Feature Demonstrations

TitleDescriptionVersionVideo LinkLength
Build with GradleDevelopers: Learn to build LabKey with gradle instead of ant. 17.1 Video7 mins
Compliance FeaturesAutomatic account expiration and disabling features; audit failure notifications. 17.1 Video6 mins
Chart DialogUpdates to user interface and functionality in the common plot editor. 17.1 Video3 mins
Bar ChartsGroup bar charts by multiple categories and apply alternate aggregation methods. 17.1 Video2 mins
BinningSupport for binning in scatter plots to make plots of large datasets clearer. 17.1 Video3 mins
NAb QCQuality Control features added to Neutralizing Antibody (NAb) assay tools. 17.1 Video11 mins
LuminexExclusions for Singlepoint Samples. 17.1 Video6 mins
Abstraction BatchesAbstraction cases show the batch number and next/previous indicators. 17.1 Video1 mins
Abstraction TimerOptionally track the time abstractors and reviewers spend working on each case. 17.1 Video4 mins
Abstraction Auto-AdvanceAbstractors and Reviewers control their task queue for auto-advancing. 17.1 Video4 mins
Abstraction ProtocolsAuto-Archive and Disable Pipeline Protocols. 17.1 Video2 mins
Skyline FilesDecluttering Skyline files with AutoQC. 17.1 Video8 mins
Export to RStudioWhen enabled, data can be exported directly to RStudio. 17.1 Video3 mins
Additional Column Summary StatisticsNew column summary statistics options including standard deviation and standard error. 16.3 Video4 mins
Apply Template to Multiple FoldersApply a folder archive template to multiple folders simultaneously. 16.3 Video8 mins
Resolve Samples in Other LocationsSamples in different containers can now be resolved in a single sample set. 16.3 Video6 mins
Retain Luminex Exclusions on ReimportUsers can now opt to retain the exclusion of wells, analytes, or titrations when reimporting Luminex assay runs. 16.3 Video3 mins
Expanded Data Views CustomizationReorder subcategories and alphabetize Items in Data Views Browser. 16.2 Video5 mins
MS2 Reporting TweaksPropagate the FDR filter applied to the decoy results to the target peptide results. 16.2 Video4 mins
Panorama QC ImprovementsThe Quality Control Dashboard shows a summary of the most recent file uploads, along with color-coded QC reports. 16.2 Video6 mins
Notifications for IssuesAn experimental feature displays a notification inbox in the upper right corner of the LabKey Server interface. 16.2 Video6 mins
Multiple FASTAs for a Single SearchXTandem and Mascot searches can be performed against multiple FASTAs simultaneously. 16.2 Video3 mins
Small Molecule SupportPanorama QC folders now support both proteomics (peptide/protein) and small molecule data. 16.2 Video3 mins
Self-Service Email ChangesUsers can update their own email address. 16.2 Video3 mins
Views/Reports Terminology UpdatesThe “Views” menu has been renamed to “Grid Views”, and focuses exclusively on modifying grids. The new “Reports” menu consolidates the available report types. 16.2 Video4 mins
Aggregates and Quick Visualizations on Data GridsCreate small charts for one column of data, including Histograms, Box Plots, and Pie Charts. Display aggregate values at the bottom of a data column, including Average, Count, etc. 16.2 Video7 mins
Specimen Repository – FreezerPro ConfigurationAdd custom fields via the field mapping user interface. To ensure appropriate field mapping, the user interface now filters by data type. Refine data loaded from the FreezerPro server with expanded filter comparators. 16.2 Video9 mins
Improved Issues List CustomizationThe Issues administration page has been re-organized for clarity and enhanced for ease of use.16.2 Video15 mins
API Access via Session KeyCompliant API Access to Sensitive Information via Session Key 16.2 Video7 mins
SAML IntegrationSAML authentication is now supported in LabKey Server Professional, Professional Plus, and Enterprise Editions. 16.2 Video7 mins
Argos ProjectLeverage clinical/patient data for research. Jan 2015 15.1Video6 min 
Collaborative Dataspace - OverviewGain new insights from completed studies by pooling data and expertise. July 2014 14.2Video7 min 
Import Excel SpreadsheetsConsolidate spreadsheets with the data processing pipeline. March 2014 14.1Video3 min 
ETL OverviewExtract-Transform-Load (ETL) Using LabKey Server. Nov 2013 13.3Video2 min
Specimen ManagementSpecimen Management Using LabKey Server. Nov 2013 13.3Video2 min
Visualization Seminar

Part I - Developer Alan Vezina explains in depth how to create box and scatter plots.
Part II - Developer Cory Nathe shows how to track participants and aggregated data trends over time. 
Part III - Developer Alan Vezina shows how to use the visualization javascript APIsJan 2013


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
21 min
22 min
9 min
REDCap Integration with LabKey ServerImport REDCap data into LabKey Server. 13.2Video9 min
R Views with knitrCreate views that combine HTML with R script. 13.2Video1 min
Site NavigationNavigate projects and folders with popover menus. 13.2Video2 min
Survey Designer - Quick TourKey features of the survey designer 13.1Video5 min
Panorama Proteomics Webinar

Targeted proteomics assays. Feb 2013


Video62 min
FCS Express Data Exports How to use LabKey Server with FCS Express.  12.3Video36 min
Managing Protected Health Information (PHI)Review of features for randomizing protected health information. Dec 2012 12.3Video3 min
Assessing Data with Quick ChartsQuickly review and assess data with Quick Charts. Aug 2012 12.2Video4 min
Study Admin: Organizing DataOrganize your datasets, setting status and category for each item. Aug 2012 12.2Video2 min
SecuritySharing Data with Another Lab: configure permissions for outside users. May 2012 12.1Video4 min
Participant ListsBrowse participant lists with faceted filtering. May 2012 12.1 Video2 min
Participant ReportsCreate and customize participant data reports. May 2012 12.1Video2 min
Visualize Group Data TrendsVisualize group/cohort performance. Jan 2012 11.3Video3 min
Ancillary StudiesCreate ancillary studies based on a subset of study subjects. Jan 2012 11.3Video2 min
Data BrowserBrowse visual summaries of study data. Jan 2012 11.3Video2 min

User Conference Videos

Our annual User Conference offers an opportunity for all our users to connect with us and with each other to learn more about how LabKey Server can be a part of collaborative, reproducible, and globally distributed research. Some selected videos are included below. More are available on the conference presentation page.

Hope to see you there next time!

OrganizationTitleConference    YearPresentationLength
OxfordIntegrating Clinical and Laboratory Data from NHS Hospitals for Viral Hepatitis Research - David Smith   2016View30 min
Fred HutchOptide-Hunter: Informatics Solutions for Optimized Peptide Drug Development Through the Integration of Heterogeneous Data and Protein Engineering Hierarchy - Mi-Youn Brusniak   2016View
GenentechSkyline and Panorama: Key Tools for Establishing a Targeted LC/MS Workflow - Kristin Wildsmith   2016View22 min
O'Connor LabReal-Time Open Data Sharing of Zika Virus Research using LabKey - Michael Graham   2016View21 min
Just BioTherapeutic Antibody Designs for Efficacy and Manufacturability - Randal Ketchem   2016View32min
HICORUsing Data Transparency to Improve Cancer Care - Karma Kreizenbeck   2015Video17 min
IPCRProviding Access to Aggregated Data without Compromising PHI - Nola Klemfuss   2015Video24 min
ESBATechData Management at ESBATech - Stefan Moese   2015Video25 min
MHRPEvolving Lab Workflows to Meet New Demands in the U.S. Military HIV Research Program (MHRP) - Stephen Goodwin   2015Video50 min
Genomics EnglandThe UK 100,000 Genomes Project - Jim Davies   2015Video48 min
USFMaximizing the Research Value of Completed Studies - Steven Fiske   2015Video40 min
ArgosUnlocking Medical Records with Natural Language Processing - Sarah Ramsay, Emily Silgard, Adam Rauch   2015Video48 min
WISCDeveloping a Mobile UI for Electronic Health Records - Jon Richardson   2015Video11 min
ArtefactWhen to Customize: Design of Unique Visual Tools in CDS - Dave McColgin   2015Video11 min
PanoramaPanorama Public: Publishing Supplementary Targeted Proteomics Data Process with Skyline - Vagisha Sharma   2015Video10 min
HIPCCreating Interactive and Reproducible R Reports using LabKey, Rserve, and knitr - Leo Dashevskiy   2015Video9 min
JPLRealtime, Synchronous Data Integration across LabKey Application Server Data using High-throughput Distributed Messaging Systems - Lewis McGibbney   2015Video13 min
HICOR / LabKeyData Visualization Studio - Catherine Richards and Cory Nathe   2015Video52 min
LabKeySchema Studio - Matt Bellew   2015Video44 min
HIDRAProgress Report on the Hutch Integrated Data Repository and Archive. Oct 2014   2014Video60 min
SCRIUsing Existing LabKey Modules to Build a Platform for Immunotherapy Clinical Trials. Oct 2014   2014Video40 min
HIPCEnabling Integrative Modeling of Human Immunological Data with ImmuneSpace. Oct 2014   2014Video54 min
RhoUsing Web-technologies to Improve Data Quality. Oct 2014   2014Video16 min
Novo NordiskManagement and Integration of Diverse Data Types in Type 1 Diabetes Research. Oct 2014   2014Video35 min
CDSThe Collaborative Dataspace Program: an Integrated Approach to HIV Vaccine Data Exploration. Oct 2014   2014Video40 min
LabKeyProtecting Data, Sharing Data. Oct 2014   2014Video43 min
LabKeyEvolution of Connectivity in LabKey Server. Oct 2014   2014Video28 min
HIDRAUser Application: The Hutch Integrated Data Repository Archive (HIDRA). Sept 2013   2013Video58 min
ITN TrialShareUser Application: ITN TrialShare: Advancing clinical trial transparency through data sharing. Sept 2013   2013Video38 min
HIPCUser Application: Using LabKey and the R statistical language to facilitate data integration and reproducible results within the Human Immunology Project Consortium. Sept 2013   2013Video54 min
JDRF nPODUser Application: DataShare: Accelerating Type 1 Diabetes Basic Science Research. Sept 2013   2013Video42 min
ICEMRUser Application: The use of LabKey Server in a globally distributed research project. South Asia International Center of Excellence for Malaria Research (ICEMR). Sept 2013   2013Video35 min
OverviewIntroduction and Overview of LabKey Server. Britt Piehler. Sept 2012   2012Video56 min
IDRIUser Application: Adapting LabKey for novel applications: Infectious Disease Research Institute. Sept 2012   2012Video48 min
ATLASUser Application: ATLAS: Data Sharing in HIV Research. Sept 2012   2012Video46 min
DataspaceUser Application: The Collaborative Data Space (CDS) as a case study. Sept 2012   2012Video30 min
ITNITN TrialShare: From Concept to Deployment. Sept 2012   2012Video30 min
LabKeyHistory of LabKey Server. Mark Igra. Sept 2012   2012Video31 min
LabKeyLabKey Security. Mark Igra. Sept 2012   2012Video42 min
LabKeyLabKey Server Assays: usage and development. Josh Eckels. Sept 2012   2012Video50 min
LabKeyLabKey Server Automation: Pipelines. Josh Eckels. Sept 2012   2012Video24 min
LabKey APIsLabKey Server Automation: API Architecture. Karl Lum. Sept 2012   2012Video20 min
LabKeyBeyond the grid: using the LabKey reporting system to visualize, analyze, and present data in meaningful ways. Adam Rauch. Sept 2012   2012Video54 min

Development Demonstration Videos

As part of the development process, we put together video demonstrations of features which have been through the full develop/test cycle and are planned for the next major release. These videos are often at a more nuts and bolts development level and less comprehensive than if they had been produced to cover an entire feature area.

TitleDescriptionVersionVideo LinkLength
WorkflowAbstraction Workflow. Susan. March 2016 16.1 Video8 mins
WorkflowExport Request Workflow. Susan. March 2016 16.1 Video4 mins
AdjudicationAdjucation Tool. Cory. March 2016 16.1 Video13 mins
GridSupport Inline Thumbnails in a Grid. Xing. March 2016 16.1 Video3 mins
SpecimenFreezerPro Configuration Improvements. Bernie. March 2016 16.1 Video5 mins
FolderStudy/folder Templates. Susan. March 2016 16.1 Video4 mins
MS2Mascot Related Improvements. Tony. March 2016 16.1 Video4 mins
HLPCChromatogram Enhancements. Ian. March 2016 16.1 Video5 mins
DataspaceDataspace Features: Study Axis, Aggregation. Jessi, Xing, Cory. March 2016 16.1 Video13 mins
PanoramaPanorama QC Overview Dashboard. Cory. March 2016 16.1 Video6 mins
AssaySupport for Warnings in Assay Transform Scripts. Marty. March 2016 16.1 Video5 mins
GenomicsData Portals, PHI Handling. Dave. March 2016 16.1 Video8 mins
ComplianceCompliance Module - Activity/IRB/PHI/TOU per Container. Xing. March 2016 16.1 Video5 mins
MS2Post-search Fraction Rollup. Josh. March 2016 16.1 Video5 mins
AdminHeadless Upgrade Process. Adam. March 2016 16.1 Video6 mins
AssayFluoroSpot Assay. Karl. July 2015 15.2 Video8 mins
ProteomicsPanorama QC Features. Binal. July 2015 15.2 Video5 mins
SamplesSample Set Features. Kevin. July 2015 15.2 Video7 mins
PlotCategorical Plot Selection. Marty. July 2015 15.2 Video3 mins
StudyRepublish Studies from Manage Page. Cory. July 2015 15.2 Video5 mins
ExportPermissions Export and Import. Susan. July 2015 15.2 Video5 mins
WorkflowTest Request Workflow. Susan. July 2015 15.2 Video6 mins
TOUSite-wide Terms of Use. Susan. July 2015 15.2 Video5 mins
ModulesModule Properties. Kevin. July 2015 15.2 Video4 mins
ETLETL Features. Marty. July 2015 15.2 Video37 mins
ArgosDashboard, timeline, filtering, security, SQL synonyms. Cory & Adam. March 2015 15.1 Video37 mins
PanoramaPanorama QC features. Josh. March 2015 15.1 Video8 mins
ETLExtract-transform-load enhancements. Tony. March 2015 15.1 Video9 mins
StudyThumbnail extraction and dataset tagging. Adam. March 2015 15.1 Video7 mins
StudyRepublishing studies. Aaron. March 2015 15.1 Video3 mins
SpecimensSpecimen import performance improvements. Dave. March 2015 15.1 Video7 mins
CDSPlotting large datasets in CDS. Nick. March 2015 15.1 Video3 mins
O'ConnorBulk edit for experiments. Nick. March 2015 15.1 Video6 mins
LuminexLuminex QC features. Aaron. March 2015 15.1 Video7 mins
ArgosAccrual estimation report. Cory. December 2014 14.3 Video5 mins
ArgosMultiple data portals; logging PHI data access. Adam. December 2014 14.3 Video11 mins
SpecimensImprove specimen rollup rules. Adam. December 2014 14.3 Video7 mins
StudyDelete sites from study; list management changes. Adam. December 2014 14.3 Video10 mins
LuminexAllow use of alternate negative control bead on per-analyte basis. Cory. December 2014 14.3 Video8 mins
LuminexAllow calculation of EC-50/AUC controls without adding to L-J plots. Aaron. December 2014 14.3 Video4 mins
LuminexUse Uploaded Positivity Cutoff File. Aaron. December 2014 14.3 Video4 mins
GenotypingHaplotype Import Behavior. Aaron. December 2014 14.3 Video3 mins
GenotypingReport discrepancies between STR and other haplotype assignments. Aaron. December 2014 14.3 Video2 mins
NAbNAb: Multi-virus support. Karl. December 2014 14.3 Video15 mins
ProfilerMini-profiler. Kevin. December 2014 14.3 Video8 mins
CDSPrototype: Large Plots. Nick. December 2014 14.3 Video6 mins
Sample IndicesSet Default Values for Thaw List. Tony. July 2014 14.2 Video6 min
FreezerPro APIFreezerPro API Automation. Karl. July 2014 14.2 Video12 min
Guide SetsLuminex Metric Tracking Improvements. Cory. July 2014 14.2 Video6 min
Specimen AdminSpecimen Administration Enhancements. Adam Rauch. July 2014 14.2 Video10 min
Specimen ReportsBlinded Specimen Progress Report. Cory. July 2014 14.2 Video5 min
Report ChangesReport and Dataset Editing Changes and Email Notifications. Dave. July 2014 14.2 Video8 min
ImpersonationImpersonation UI Changes. Adam. July 2014 14.2 Video6 min
UploadDrag-and-drop File Uploader. Kevin. July 2014 14.2 Video6 min
ArgosArgos Application Overview (HIDRA). Cory. July 2014 14.2 Video15 min
Study DesignerNew tools for defining study treatments, immunization, and assay schedules. Cory. March 2014 14.1 Video7 min
FreezerProImport data from FreezerPro archives into a LabKey Study. Karl. March 2014 14.1 Video7 min
Date FormatsDate Parsing and Formatting. Adam. March 2014 14.1 Video11 min
Specimen ManagementSpecimen Management System Enhancements. Adam & Dave. March 2014 14.1 Video25 min
Draw TimestampSpecimen Draw Timestamp Change. Dave. March 2014 14.1 Video4 min
Pipeline ScriptsFile-based R Pipeline Scripts. Kevin. March 2014 14.1 Video8 min
File UploaderExperimental Feature: Multi-file Uploader. Kevin. March 2014 14.1 Video8 min
Short URLsCreate memorable, sharable, short URLs. Josh. March 2014 14.1 Video5 min
Manage ViewsThe manage views interface is now closely integrated with the data views web part. Karl. Oct 2013 13.3 Video8 min
Export Charts as JavaScriptAlan demonstrates how to export a chart to JavaScript, edit it, and include it in an HTML page. Sept 2013 13.3 Video9 min
SurveyCreate surveys and long form questionnaires with the survey designer. Cory. Jan 2013 13.1 Video33 min
Security: Linked SchemasSecurely show selected data in a folder. Mark. April 2013 13.1 Video16 min
Pathology ViewerView participants linked to multiple studies and publications. Adam.  Jan 2013 13.1 Video4 min


Presentations (Slides only)

PanoramaTargeted mass spec experiments. Integration with Skyline. June 2013 
From the Lab to the NetworkLabKey for Labs: managing lab data, data sharing with multiple clients. May 2013
Data Management for Global HealthResearch with globally distributed sites, participants, and data. Feb 2013 
LabKey Server: Scientific Data Integration, Analysis, CollaborationLabKey Fundamentals - PDF format. Feb 2013
LabKey Server: An Open Source Platform for Scientific Data IntegrationA presentation of LabKey fundamentals. PowerPoint Presentation. Dec 2010
LabKey Training Presentations

Learn LabKey fundamentals with these training presentations. A series of 10 presentations, including: data analysis, studies, assays, specimens, and server operations. PowerPoint Presentations. Feb 2011

Observational Studies: Manage Data and SpecimensManage data and specimens in your observational study. PDF file. May 2011
AssaysMove your experimental data our of spreadsheets to an integrated data environment. PDF file. April 2011
Data Management and IntegrationA presentation to the 4th International Conference on Primate Genomics. PDF file. April 2010
Managing Next Generation Sequencing and Multiplexed Genotyping DataLearn the key features of LabKey Server's genotyping tools. PowerPoint Presentation. Dec 2010
Webinar: LabKey Server Release 10.3Learn the key features of the 10.3 release. PowerPoint Presentation. Dec 2010
Proteomics 8.3 WebinarLearn about Proteomics features for the 8.3 release. PDF file. Dec 2008
Reagent DatabaseAutomate high-volume flow cytometry analysis using the Reagent Database Module. PDF file. March 2011


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