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The Biologics application offers a number of URL properties that can be used to direct the user to a specific part of the application.

In these example URLs, we use the host "" and a project named "Biologics Example". Substitute your actual server URL and path (everything before the "biologics-app.view?" portion of the URL.

Last Page You Viewed

When you are in the LabKey Server interface, you can hand edit the URL to return to the last page you were viewing before switching to LabKey.

Substitute the server and path for your biologics-app.view and append the lastPage property:

Reports Dashboard

To view the Reports dashboard, use "/reports":

URL Redirects

The following redirects can be done directly to the URL for navigating a user programmatically. Note that these examples assume various rowID to assay mappings that may be different in your implementation.

URL ending like thisCan be represented byResolves to...
Any Biologics URL#/.lastPageThe last page you were viewing
/reports#/reportsReports Dashboard
/assays#/assaysAssay Dashboard
/query-begin.view#/qSchema/Query Browser

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