When creating a wiki using type Wiki Page, you use wiki syntax to format the page. The following table shows commonly used wiki syntax designations. See the Advanced Wiki Syntax page for further options.

**bold text**bold text
__underline text__underline text
~~italicize text~~italicize text
1 Main HeadingMain Heading
1.1 Sub HeadingSub Heading
1.1.1 Minor HeadingMinor Heading Inner HeadingInner Heading
- Top Level Bullet-- Second Level Bullet--- Third Level Bullet
  • Top Level Bullet
    • Second Level Bullet
      • Third Level Bullet
http://www.labkey.com/www.labkey.com - Links are detected automatically
[tutorials]Tutorials - Link to 'tutorials' page in this wiki. The title of the destination will be the display text.
[Display Text|tutorials]Display Text - Link with custom text
[Anchor on page|tutorials#anchor]Anchor on page - Link to the specific #anchor within the tutorials page.
{link:LabKey|http://www.labkey.com/}LabKey - Link to an external page with display text
{link:**LabKey**|http://www.labkey.com/}LabKey - Link to an external page with display text in bold
{mailto:somename@domain.com}Include an email link which creates new email message with default mail client
[attach.jpg]Display an attached image
{image:http://www.target_domain.com/images/logo.gif}Display an external image

...hidden text...

Content inside the {comment} tags is not rendered in the final HTML. 

{span:class=fa fa-plus-circle}{span}

 Adds the Font Awesome icon  to a wiki.


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