Collaboration within teams and between organizations is key to modern integrated research. LabKey Server is specifically designed to make working together easy and secure.
  • Basic tools like message boards, issue trackers, and wiki documents let users communicate on highly customized and centralized web pages.
  • Role and group based security ensures that the right people can see and change information, and makes access easy to administer.
  • Whatever your organization's workflow, you can design tools within LabKey to improve collaboration.

Collaboration Tools

Get Started with Collaboration Tools

To learn to use the collaboration tools, use the following topics. You do not need to complete them all or follow them in this order.

These tutorial topics can all be completed using a free trial version of LabKey Server. It takes a few minutes to set up and you can use it for 30 days.

Tutorial Topics

Learn with a LabKey Server Trial

The easiest way to learn to use the tools is with a trial version of LabKey Server. You can explore tools that are already created for you in the pre-loaded example project.

  • Exploring LabKey Collaboration: Complete the "Tour" and "Try It Now" sections to learn to use message boards, issue trackers, and wikis.
  • Use a File Browser: The "Laboratory Data" example folder includes a file browser.
  • Exploring LabKey Security: Learn about group and role based security on your trial server.
  • You can complete all of the topics in the following section as well if you want to learn to create these tools yourself.

More Tutorial Topics

Learn to create the tools yourself using a trial, or any LabKey Server where it is appropriate for you to create tutorial projects:

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