Structured Narrative Datasets

LabKey's SND module is not included in standard LabKey distributions. Please contact LabKey to inquire about obtaining this module and support options.

The Structured Narrative Datasets (SND) module allows for hierarchical data structures to be defined dynamically by end users to store virtually any type of research or clinical data including full electronic health records, in a contextually meaningful manner that can be easily quantified, analyzed, and billed.

Using the SND module eliminates the need to create new database structures and the associated programming required to support them. This means that the changing needs of scientists can be addressed quickly by domain experts without the need for additional programming to support how data are entered, validated, stored, or queried for.

The hierarchical nature of the design allows large, multi-workflow procedures, such as surgeries, to be defined as single units of work that are made up of smaller units. You create individual workflows that can then be combined and reused to build larger workflows so that data is entered and coded in a consistent manner.


Individual workflows are defined using design templates called packages, representing a piece of the workflow and data collection needs. Packages can be combined into super-packages, which can also contain other super-packages.

Projects define the group of packages and/or super-packages available to a given study, used for access control, and linking to billing and protocol information.

An event stores the contextual information around the data entry for a participant, including the package hierarchies used to define the procedures that were performed.


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