Premium Feature — Available with all Premium Editions of LabKey Server. Learn more or contact LabKey.

LabKey Server can be used as a CAS (Central Authentication Service) identity provider. Web servers that support the CAS authentication protocol (including other LabKey deployments) can be configured to delegate authentication to an instance of LabKey Server. The LabKey CAS identify provider implements the /login, /logout, and /p3/serviceValidate CAS APIs. Learn more in the CAS Protocol Documentation .

Initial Set Up

Ensure that the CAS module is deployed on your LabKey Server. Once the CAS module is deployed, the server can function as an SSO identity provider. You do not need to turn on or enable the feature.

However, other servers that wish to utilize the identity service must be configured to use the correct URL; for details see below.

Get the Identity Provider URL

  • Go to (Admin) > Site > Admin Console.
  • Click Settings.
  • Under Premium Features click CAS Identity Provider.
  • Copy the URL shown, or click Copy to Clipboard.

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