This topic describes how to create and deploy a custom welcome page in a module on your LabKey Server. This can be used to present a custom "splash" page for new visitors to your site. Once it is available in a module, you can enable it in the look and feel settings.

Module Structure for Welcome Page

You can define your custom welcome page in a module, using one of two strategies, depending on your needs.

  1. Create a LabKey view by placing the welcome page file in the "views" subdirectory of your module. You will use the path "/myModule/welcome.view" in the look and feel settings and see your content in a LabKey frame.
  2. Provide a simple HTML page for the custom welcome page by placing it in the "web/MODULE_NAME/" subfolder of your module. You will use path "/myModule/welcome.html" in the look and feel settings for this option.
Learn more about module directory structures here: Map of Module Files.

Notice two placement options, and note that other resources can be included in the same module but are not shown in this structure. Items in UPPER case are names to be customized. Items in lower case are literals (folder names and extensions) that need to stay as shown:

MODULE_NAME  └──views  │ WELCOME_PAGE_NAME.html  └──web     └───MODULE_NAME            WELCOME_PAGE_NAME.html

For example, you might use a module named "myModule" and name your page "myWelcomePage.html".

If you want to show the page as a LabKey view, the path would be

If you don't want a view, but to use the HTML of your page alone, the path to your page (under the "modules" directory of your server) would be:

Create Custom Page

  • Create the HTML file in the module at the location you chose above.
  • Modify it according to your requirements.
  • Deploy your module by putting it in the <LABKEY_HOME>/externalModules directory and restarting the server.

Enable Custom Welcome Page

Once you have deployed your custom welcome page, you must enable it in the "/home" project of your server.

  • In the /home project, select (Admin) > Folder > Management > Folder Type.
  • Check the box for your module.
  • Click Update.

Next, set the look and feel settings as follows:

  • Select (Admin) > Site > Admin Console.
  • Under Configuration, click Look and Feel Settings.
  • Enter the path to your page in the Alternative site welcome page field.
    • If you want your page to be a LabKey view, use
    • If you only want an HTML page use:
For details see Look and Feel Settings.

Users logging in will now see your new welcome page.

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