Adjudication is a workflow process in which two (or more) independent people (or teams) make a determination about diagnoses given certain data and criteria. Each team of adjudicators has access to the same data, but can not see the determinations made by others adjudicators until all determinations are complete.

Adjudication events are logged for administrator review, as described in this topic.

Logged Events

The following table shows what will be recorded in the audit log for various adjudication events. In the "Case or Determination field", the following may be included:

  • case: the case ID linked to the adjudication review page for that case.
  • determination: the determination ID links to a view of that row in the Determination table.
EventCase and/or Determination columnComment
Admin settings Admin settings changed
Case createdcaseCase created
Case updatedcaseCase updated
Case determination madecase and determinationCase determination made by team <number>
Case determination updatedcase and determinationCase determination updated by team <number>
Lab verifiedcaseLab verified case determination
Team membership changed User ‘<name>’ added/removed to/from team <number>
Add attachmentcaseAttachment added
Delete attachmentcaseAttachment deleted

View Adjudication Audit Log

  • Select (Admin) > Site > Admin Console.
  • Click Settings.
  • Under Management, click Audit Log.
  • From the dropdown, select Adjudication Events (if it is not already selected).

Hovering over any row reveals a details link. Click for details of what changed in the case or determination referred to in that row. When there are both links, the determination details are linked from the icon.

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