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LabKey Server's tool for Luminex® assays can help you to manage, quality control, analyze, share, integrate and export Luminex results.

This tutorial builds on an understanding of material covered in Luminex Assay Tutorial Level I and shows you how to:

  • Import Luminex assay data stored in structured Excel files that have been output from a BioPlex instrument.
  • Set values during import of pre-defined analyte, run and batch properties for each analyte, run and/or batch of runs.
  • Run the LabKey Luminex transform script during import to calculate logistic curve fits and other parameters for standard titrations.
  • View curve fits and calculated values for each standard titration.
  • Visualize changes in the performance of standards over time using Levey-Jennings plots.
  • Determine expected ranges for performance of standards for analyte lots, then flag exceptional values.

Tutorial Steps

Note that for simplicity, the example datasets used in this tutorial include only standard titrations. All steps covered here could equally apply to quality control titrations.

Further detail and background on many of the steps in this tutorial can be found in the Luminex Reference documentation

The Luminex assay data you will import in this tutorial can also be seen in the interactive example. There you can explore features that do not require editor-level or higher permissions.

First Step

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