Biologics Tutorial: Register Samples and Experiments

This tutorial shows you how to work with samples and experiments, showing you how to:
  • Register new samples
  • Generate sample ids
  • Link the samples to experimental metadata and assay result data

Register Samples

In this step we register new samples in the system, along with generated sample ids.

  • From the Biologics home page, click the Samples tile.

On the Samples home page, click Samples.

On Sample grid page, select Create > Samples.

In the sample registration form, enter the following values:

  • Quantity: 5
  • Description: For Glucose runs
  • Sample Date: leave blank
  • Sample Type: broth draw
  • After filling out the form, click Create Samples.
Note that you also optionally select a parent entity, like a particular expression system, by clicking Add Parent above for form.

Also note that you can create other groups of samples by clicking New Sample Group below the form

5 samples are registered. Their names are generated using the pattern:

S- four digit incrementing number

Which creates sample ids like:


The actual sample ids that are generated may be different for you, depending on the current state of your sample registry. If a date is provided during registration, then a two digit year code will be incorporated in the sample name. Administrators have complete control over the sample naming pattern to suit the needs of your organization.

Register an Associated Experiment

In this step we identify the 5 samples as part of an experiment.

  • In the sample grid, place a checkmark in the column header box (the topmost box) in order to select all 5 samples simultaneously. Or just select all 5 samples one by one.
  • Then select Manage Samples > Add to Experiment.
  • In the Create Experiment dialog, click New Experiment.
  • In Name this Experiment enter the text: "Glucose runs".
  • In Description enter the text: "Routine glucose monitoring for project H."
  • Click Create Experiment.
  • Navigate to the new experiment, either by clicking View Experiment in the green banner, or via the Experiments link in the menu bar.

Upload Experiment Results ("Assay" Data)

In this step we upload assay data derived from the experiment.

  • On the Glucose Runs page, place checkmarks next to all five samples, and select Manage > Upload Assay Data > Glucose.
  • Enter the following data:
    • Operator: your name
    • Assay Id: enter a name for the assay run, like "Run1"
    • Comments: "Routine glucose checks."
    • Assay Request: leave blank, as there is no pre-existing assay request to fulfill. If there was such a request, you could select it here to track its status.
    • Run Data: Enter the data below, either manually using Enter Data into a Grid or by Copy-and-paste Data.
    • Click Save and Finish.
  • You are taken to the Glucose Batches page, which shows all of the Glucose data so far registered. Your latest entry appears as the last item in the grid.
  • Click the Runs sub-tab to see the run-level data.
  • Click the Results sub-tab to see the glucose result data.

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