Premium Resource - Specimen functionality is a legacy feature available with Premium Editions of LabKey Server. For new installations, we recommend using Sample Manager instead. Learn more or contact LabKey.

As part of managing a specimen request system, an administrator or Specimen Coordinator may need to email specimen list attachments to the originating and providing locations. This topic covers the process of sending the email notifications, as well as customizing the email template and specimen list that is attached.

Send an Email

  • On the Specimen Data tab of your study, expand the Specimen Requests section of the Specimens web part.
  • Click View Current Requests.
  • Click the Details button next to any request.
  • Click either Originating Location Specimen Lists or Providing Location Specimen Lists.
  • Check the boxes next to the desired email recipients (See note below).
  • Add any comments, attachments, and supporting documents you wish.
  • Click Send Email.

Note: If the boxes for email recipients are not clickable, you need to Configure Addresses for each group of recipients. Links are provided when addresses need to be configured.

Customize the Specimen List

On the Manage Notifications page, you can choose whether to include the specimen list as an attachment or directly in the email body. To customize the data shown by either method, create a custom grid called SpecimenEmail on the SpecimenDetail table.

  • Go to (Admin) > Developer Links > Schema Browser.
  • Browse to: study > Built-In Queries and Tables > Specimen Detail.
  • To optionally edit column labels or types, click Edit Metadata. When finished, click Save.
  • Click View Data.
  • Click (Grid Views) > Customize Grid.
  • Using the grid customizer, you can control which fields are shown in what order and how filters and sorting are applied.
  • When you have customized the grid to your liking, click Save.
  • Select Named, name the grid SpecimenEmail, and decide how you want the grid shared and inherited.
  • Click Save.

Edit Metadata (optional)

If desired, you can configure the column headings and datatypes of the attached list by modifying the metadata for the study.SpecimenDetail table before creating your SpecimenEmail grid view.

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