This topic shows you how to install the "Demo Study", an example observational study which you can use in a number of ways:
  • to explore study features as an administrator, using fictional data
  • as a sandbox to develop datasets and reports
  • as a template study to be modified and cloned
The fictional example study contains:
  • Datasets that record the effects of HIV on the human immune system, such as CD4 and lymphocyte counts.
  • Datasets that compare different treatment regimens.
  • 12 participant profiles, including birth gender, age, initial height, etc.
  • Physiological snapshots over a three year period (blood pressure, weight, respiration)
  • Lab tests (HIV status, lymphocyte and CD4+ counts, etc.)
Preview the contents of this study on our support site here.

Download and Install the Tutorial Study

To begin:
  • Download this folder archive zip file but do not unzip it:
  • Navigate to a project where (1) you have administrator permissions and (2) where it is appropriate to upload test data. Your own "Tutorials" project is one option.
  • In that project, create a folder named "HIV Study" of type "study".
  • On the New Study page, click Import Study.
  • Confirm Local zip archive is selected, then click Choose File. Navigate to and select the "" file you downloaded.
  • Click Import Study.
  • Wait for LabKey Server to process the file: you will see a status notification of Complete when it is finished. You might see a status of Import Folder Waiting on a busy or shared server. If the page doesn't update automatically after a few minutes, refresh your browser window.
  • Click the HIV Study link near the top of the page to go to the home page of your new study.

Next Steps

Now you have an example study that you can explore and modify. See the following topics for more you can try:

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