Premium Resource - Specimen functionality is a legacy feature available with Premium Editions of LabKey Server. For new installations, we recommend using Sample Manager instead. Learn more or contact LabKey.

The table below extends the roles/permissions matrix available in this topic: Role/Permissions Matrix. It includes both the specimen-related permissions and specimen-specific roles available when the specimen module is enabled.

PermissionsAdministrators *EditorAuthorReaderSubmitterMessage Board ContributorShared View EditorAssay DesignerSpecimen CoordinatorSpecimen Requester
Participate in Message Board Discussions      
Start New Discussions       
Read/Respond on Secure Message Board        
Edit Shared Views       
Administrate *         
Export Folder         
Design Assays        
Design Lists        
Share Participant Groups        
Share Report       
Edit Shared Report       
Manage Study        
Manage Notifications        
Edit Specimen Data       
Lock Specimens        
Manage New Request Form        
Manage Request Statuses        
Manage Specimen Actors        
Manage Specimen Display Settings        
Manage Specimen Request and Tracking Settings        
Manage Specimen Request Default Requirements        
Manage Specimen Requests        
Request Specimens       
Set Specimen Comments        

* See the Administrator Permissions Matrix

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