This topic covers the basics of creating new Workflow Jobs in LabKey Biologics.
Creating jobs and templates within Biologics is very similar to using the same tools in LabKey Sample Manager. Additional documentation is available in the Sample Manager Help topics here:

Create a Job

You can create a new workflow job from many places within the Biologics application.

  • From the home page Jobs List, click Start a New Job.
  • Click Workflow on the main menu, then select Create > Workflow > Job.
  • From any entity grid, select Create > Workflow > Job.
If any templates are defined in the system, you can click Choose Job Template to select one and start with the jobs and files included in the template.

Job Details and Priority

Enter Job Details and Priority including:

  • Job Name
  • Description
  • Job Owner
  • Notify These Users
  • Job Start and Due Dates
  • Priority Level

Define Job Tasks

In the Define Job Tasks panel, you can Add Task for each step that should be performed in this job. Each task has a name, optional "Assays to Perform" and can be assigned to different users. Expand any task panel to add a more verbose description or individual task due date.

Assign Samples

If this workflow job will be working with samples, you can assign them to the job to make it easier for user to find what they need to complete their tasks.

Click to open the Assign Samples section, then Search for Samples. Options include a text search for samples or attributes, as well as a set of filters by:

  • Of Sample Type
  • From Parent
  • Created By
  • Date Range

Attach Files

Drag and drop (or click to select) files to include with the job. This might include protocol documents or SOPs to accompany instructions in the tasks.

Finish Creating Job

When ready, you can click Finish Creating Job or use the menu for more options:

  • Save as Template
  • Save as Template and Start Job

Learn more about creating jobs from templates below.

Create a Job from Selected Samples

On the grid for any Sample Type, you can select one or more samples, then select Jobs > Start a Job with Selected Samples.

This will create a new workflow job using the wizard as described above, prepopulating the Assigned Samples section with your selection. You can add additional samples as usual.

Add Samples to Existing Job

If after job creation, you need to add additional samples, you can select them on the grid and select Jobs > Add Samples to Existing Job.

In the popup, select the job by name and click Add to Job.

Create Template From Job

Templates include the task definitions and file attachments, but not the user assignments, due dates, or samples. You can only create a template from a job during initial job creation. Either during the Finish Creating Job step or by clicking Save as Template during job creation. You give the template a name and save it for later use.

Create a New Job Template

From the Workflow dashboard or many other create menus in the application, select Create > Workflow > Job Template.

Creating a template is very similar to creating a workflow job, as described above.

  • Job Template Details: The template name and description.
  • Define Job Tasks: As for a single job, create the tasks that will make up this job. Templates can include assays, but do not include specific user assignments.
  • Attach Files: Attach protocol documents, SOPs, or other materials that will be used whenever this template is used.

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