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This topic covers the basics of creating new Workflow Jobs in LabKey Biologics. Administrators and users with the Workflow Editor role can create and manage workflow jobs. Note that creating jobs and templates within Biologics is very similar to using the same tools in LabKey Sample Manager. Additional documentation is available in the Sample Manager Help topics here:

Create a Job

You can create a new workflow job from many places within the Biologics application.

  • From the home page Jobs List, click Start a New Job.
  • Click Workflow on the main menu, then select Create > Workflow > Job.
  • From the details page for any registry entity, select Create > Workflow Job.
If any templates are defined in the system, you can click Choose Job Template to select one and start with the jobs and files included in the template, as well as any custom properties that may be defined in that template.

Learn about defining the Job Details, Tasks, and Input Samples sections in this topic:

Create a Job from Selected Samples

On the grid for any Sample Type, you can select one or more samples, then select Jobs > Start a New Job. On narrower browsers, this will be under the More > menu.

This will create a new workflow job, prepopulating the Assigned Samples section with your selection. Learn more here:

Create a Job from a Picklist

Using sample picklists gives you a method for 'gathering' a collection of samples, possibly of different types, on a list, then adding them together to a job.

  • Select Picklists from the user menu.
  • Click the name of the picklist to use; it may be on the Team Picklists list.
  • Select all or some of the samples from the picklist and select Jobs > Start a New Job. This option may be under the More menu.

Add Samples to Existing Job

If after job creation, you need to add additional samples, you can select them on the grid or picklist and select Jobs > Add to Job.

In the popup, select the job by name and click Add to Job.

Create Template From Job

Templates include the task definitions and file attachments, but not the user assignments, due dates, or samples. You can only create a template from a job during initial job creation. Either during the Finish Creating Job step or by clicking Save as Template during job creation. You give the template a name and save it for later use.

Create a New Job Template

From the Workflow dashboard or many other create menus in the application, select Create > Workflow > Job Template.

Creating a template is very similar to creating a workflow job, as described above.

  • Template Details: The template name and description, as well as any Attachments such as protocol documents, SOPs, or other materials that will be used whenever this template is used.
    • You can also include custom fields, with the option of requiring them to be populated before a job can be completed.
  • Tasks: As for a single job, create the tasks that will make up this job. Templates can include assays, but do not include specific user assignments.

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