A Vaccine Study is specialized to collect data about specific vaccine protocols, associated immunogens, and adjuvants. This topic details where vaccine designs, immunization schedules, and assay schedules are stored in the database.

Vaccine Designs

Data shown on the Vaccine Designs tab is available in the tables:

  • study.Product (the Product table, in the study schema)
  • study.ProductAntigen
To view the data directly in the underlying tables, go to the Query Browser at (Admin) > Go To Module > Query. Open the study schema node > click Product or ProductAntigen (notice the description of each field) > click View Data.


Data shown on the Immunizations tab is stored in:

  • study.Treatment
  • study.Cohort
  • study.Visit


Data shown on the Assays tab is stored in:

  • study.AssaySpecimen
  • study.AssaySpecimenVisit

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