LabKey is an open-source Java application, distributed under the Apache 2.0 license. The complete source code is freely available via Subversion or as a downloadable archive. For information on building the LabKey source code, see our development documentation. See the LabKey Server version control documentation for more information on obtaining source code via our Subversion repository.

The current release of LabKey Server is version 16.3-48563.53, released Jan 4, 2017.

LabKey Server Downloads
Source code archive (zip)LabKey16.3-48563.53-src.zip613MB[info]
Source code archive (tar.gz)LabKey16.3-48563.53-src.tar.gz594MB[info]
Related Projects, Toolkits, and Files
Java Client API Source (.zip)LabKey16.3-48563.53-ClientAPI-Java-src.zip1.8MB[info]

Installation Files

LabKey supplies executable install files, plus binaries for manual installs and various other helper files such as demos. To register to download these files, click here.

Previous Releases

You can download older releases of the source from our download archive.





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