Ancillary studies allow you to cordon off a subset of data of special interest. For example, you may have a large collection of data within a study with many different aspects, each supporting different avenues of investigation. You might create different ancillary studies for each of these aspects, in order to explore different hypotheses in each. Or you might use an ancillary study to support a followup study that uses a combination of the original data plus the addition of more recently collected data.

When you create an ancillary study, LabKey Server creates a new folder (a child folder of the original study folder) and copies the selected data into it in, assembling the subset in the form of a new study.

Create an Ancillary Study

  • In your parent study, click the Manage tab.
  • Click Create Ancillary Study.
  • Supply the ancillary study's name, description, protocol document.
  • Select the participants to include.
  • Select the datasets to include and set the data refresh style.
  • Click Finish.

A new study environment is created, and the selected participants, datasets, and associated specimens are copied into it.

Refresh Data Snapshots in an Ancillary Study

To update the data in the ancillary (or published) study datasets:

  • Go to the dataset grid view that you would like to update.
  • Select Views -> Edit Snapshot.
  • On the Edit Query Snapshot page, click Update Snapshot.

View Previously Created Ancillary Studies

Information about the creation of every ancillary and published study is stored in the study.studySnapshot table for the parent study. For further information, see View Published Study Snapshot.

Create New Ancillary Study with Previous Settings

Using the settings stored in the study.studySnapshot table, you may also create a new ancillary study using previous settings as defaults. For further information, see Republish Using Previous Settings.





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