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The Samples dashboard shows the types of samples available. Click Sample Types on the main menu to reach this page.

View All Sample Types

Sample Type names are listed on the left (and also directly accessible from the Sample Types section of the main menu).

From the Sample Types dashboard you can download a template for use in importing your data.

Clicking a Sample Type name opens the details for that type, including a Manage menu for these actions:

View Samples of One Type

Click the Sample Type name to see a grid view of all samples of that type. A panel above the grid shows you Storage Status, Sample Status, and Aliquot insights.

Hover over the Details link to see more about the properties of the type.

Click a sample name for the details about that sample. Any samples whose Expiration Date has passed will show a red triangle in the corner of that field.

Learn more about the actions and buttons for sample grids in these topics:

View or Edit a Single Sample

From any Samples grid view, click a Sample Id (name) to see details of that sample. Tabs along the top present more detail about Lineage, Aliquots, Assays, Jobs, and Timeline for this sample. Learn more in this topic:

On the Overview tab, you can edit in any of the Details panels by clicking the icons. If needed, you can change the SampleID (Name) of the sample. Keep in mind that Sample IDs must remain unique.

If your Sample Type includes a field of type File, you will be able to upload a file attachment in the Details panel here. Learn more in the Sample Manager documentation: Attach Images and Other Files

Expired Sample Indicators

Samples that have already expired are marked with an indicator in the UI. Look for a red triangle in the corner of the grid value or the storage cell location, as well as when viewing Sample Details.

Learn more about sample expiration dates in this Sample Manager topic:

In addition, you can use the built in Sample Finder report to find Samples of all types with an Expiration Date value in the next week.

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