Notebook Amendments

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If a discrepancy is noticed after a notebook has been approved, or some new information is learned that should be included, an author could create a new notebook referencing the original work, or amend the existing notebook, as described in this topic. All notebook amendments are recorded in a clear timeline making it easy to track changes and view prior versions.

Amend a Notebook

To amend a signed notebook, open it and click Amend this Notebook.

A new amendment revision will be created, giving you the option to edit, add, and correct what you need. While amending, you have the option to Restore Last Approved Version if you change your mind.

While the amendment is in progress, you will see its status as "In Progress - Amending". As with any in progress notebook, you and collaborators can make changes to text in entries, references, attachments, etc. while it is in this state.

Submit Amendment for Review

When finished making changes, you'll Submit for Review of the amended version, following the same signature process as when you originally submitted it.

Reviewers will see the same review interface as for primary review, with the exception that any entries amended will be highlighted:

On the signature page, a Reason for amendment is always required. Click Submit Signed Notebook when ready.

Notebook Timeline

All activities, including amendments to a notebook, are tracked in a Timeline section of the notebook at the bottom of the Overview panel:

Clicking a past status in the timeline will show you the older version. For example, if you click the previous "Approved" status, you will see the notebook as it existed before the amendment round.

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