Notebook ID Generation

Premium Feature — Available in LabKey Biologics LIMS and the Professional Edition of Sample Manager. Learn more or contact LabKey.

Notebook ID

When you create a new notebook, a unique ID value is generated for it. This can be used to help differentiate notebooks with similar names, and cannot be edited later. The default format of this ID is:


For example, the user creating the notebook here has assigned User ID "4485", the date it was created was March 14, 2023, and it is the 179th one created on this server.

Customize Notebook Naming

When Biologics LIMS or the Professional Edition of Sample Manager are used with a Premium Edition of LabKey Server, an administrator can adjust the pattern used for generating Notebook IDs by selecting from several options. The selected pattern applies site-wide, i.e. to every new Notebook created on this server after the selection is made. IDs of existing Notebooks will not be changed.

To customize the Notebook naming pattern:
  • Navigate to the LabKey Server interface via > LabKey Server > LabKey Home.
  • Select (Admin) > Site > Admin Console.
  • Under Premium Features, click Notebook Settings.
  • Select the pattern you want to use. Options can be summarized as:
    • ELN-<USERID>-<DATE>-<ROWID> (Example: "ELN-1005-20230518-30")
    • ELN-<DATE>-<ROWID> (Example: "ELN-20230518-30")
    • ELN-<ROWID> (Example: "ELN-30")
  • Click Save.

Each of the preconfigured naming patterns ensure uniqueness site-wide. The tokens used are:

<USERID>${CreatedBy}User ID of the user creating the ELN
<DATE>${now:date('yyyyMMdd')}The current date using the format yyyyMMdd
<ROWID>${RowId}The unique site-wide row ID for the ELN

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