Notebook Templates

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A notebook template provides a convenient way for researchers to begin their notebook with the sections and boilerplate content needed in your organization. Different types of notebooks for different purposes can be started from customized templates, making it more likely that final work meets the reviewers expectations.

Create New Template

To create a new template from scratch, click Templates on the main menu under Notebooks. You can also select Manage > Templates from the Notebooks Dashboard.

Click Create New Template.

Check the Sharing box if you want to create a Team Template, shared with other users in your lab. Click Edit Template to begin adding the starter content you want the template to contain.

Give your template a unique name so that you can locate it later. The default name, "New Template" includes a > Rename option.

Continue in template edit mode to add the content you want to be included in your template. Learn about creating, naming, populating, and arranging Entry panels in this topic: Author a Notebook.

Any references, attachments, and fields you include in the template will be available in any notebooks created from it. Notebook creators will be able to edit the content, so for example, you might include in a template directions for completing a "Conclusions" section, which the individual notebook creator would replace with their actual conclusions.

As you edit the template, saving is continuous. When you are finished making changes, click Lock Template to save this version.

Team Templates

To share your template with your team, check the Share this template with team members box. Team templates will be shown on a separate tab to all team members, and indicated with the icon.

Create Template from Notebook

You can also create a new template from an existing notebook. The template will include entry content, attachments, fields, and references for repeat use in other notebooks.

Open the notebook, the menu next to the title, then click Save As Template.

Give the template a name, check the sharing box if you want to share this template with team members, then click Yes, Save Template.

Create Template from Another Template

While editing a template, you can use the contents to create a new template by selecting Save As Template from the template name menu.

When you save the new template, you decide whether it is private or shared. The sharing setting for the new one does not need to match the source template.

Create Notebook from Template

To create a new notebook from a template, you have two options.

Starting from the template, click New Notebook From Template.

You can also start from the Notebook dashboard by clicking Create New Notebook. In the first panel, under Notebook Template, click Browse Templates.

In the popup, locate the template you want to use. Team templates are indicated with the icon.

Proceed to customize and populate your notebook. Note that once a notebook has been created, you cannot retroactively "apply" a template to it. Further, there is no ongoing connection between the template you use and the notebook. If the template is edited later, the notebook will not pick up those changes. Likewise, if the template is deleted, the notebook is unaffected.

Create a Notebook from Another Notebook

You can create a new notebook from an existing notebook by selecting Copy Notebook from the menu next to the name. Copying a notebook will include the value of any custom fields, where using a template does not preserve those values.

Give your new notebook a name, select a tag (the tag of the one you copied is the default), and click Yes, Copy Notebook to create the new one.

Manage Templates

Open the Template Dashboard by selecting Templates from the main menu. You can also select Manage > Templates from the Notebook Dashboard.

  • My Templates lists the templates you have created, whether they are shared with the team or not.
  • Team Templates lists templates created by other team members and shared with you.

Click the name of any template to open it. You can use the omnibox to search, filter, and sort longer lists of templates.

Delete Templates

To delete a template, select it on the template dashboard and click Delete. You may delete templates from which notebooks were created; those derived notebooks will be unaffected.

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