Premium Feature - Specimen functionality is a legacy feature available with Premium Editions of LabKey Server. For new installations, we recommend using Sample Manager instead.

Automated External Specimen Imports are available in the Professional and Enterprise Editions of LabKey Server. Learn more or contact LabKey.

Configure your server to automatically import specimen data from an external repository as described in this section. Integrate with FreezerPro, or configure a Query-based Specimen Importer to automatically load your specimen data.

If you are not configuring one of these methods, you can still import specimen data using the methods available on the Specimen Data tab, described here. The interface provides a link to Import specimens manually for your convenience.

Set Up

Step 1: To use automated specimen importers, you must first obtain and deploy either the professional module or the freezerpro module (or both) on your server. While both may be configured, only one can be active in a given study folder at one time.

Step 2: Enable the desired module(s) in each study folder where you want to use an automated specimen importer.

In your study folder:
  • Select (Admin) > Folder > Management.
  • Click the Folder Type tab.
  • Check the box for Professional and/or FreezerPro.
  • Click Update Folder.

If either of these steps have not been completed, you will see a blue panel indicating the feature is unavailable when you attempt to use it.

Select Specimen Import Mechanism

Depending on the modules configured on your server, you may have one or both of the following options available.

In your study folder:
  • Click the Manage tab.
  • In the Specimen Repository Settings section, click Configure Specimen Import.
  • If both importers are available, you will see a page where you select which one is active and can click to Configure either one.
  • If only one is available, you will bypass this page and go directly to the configuration page for your importer.

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