The following tables list the available Web Parts, or user interface panels. There is a link to more documentation about each one. The set of web parts available depends on the modules installed on your server and enabled in your project or folder. Learn more about adding and managing web parts in this topic: Add Web Parts.

Left Side, Wide Web Parts

Web Part NameDescriptionDocumentation
Assay BatchesDisplays a list of batches for a specific assayWork with Assay Data
Assay ListProvides a list of available assay designs and options for managing assaysAssay List
Assay ResultsDisplays a list of results for a specific assayWork with Assay Data
Assay RunsDisplays a list of runs for a specific assayWork with Assay Data
Assay ScheduleDefine and track expectations of when and where particular assays will be runManage Assay Schedule
CDS ManagementManagement area for the Dataspace folder typeCollaborative DataSpace Case Study
Contacts / Project ContactsList of users in the current project (members of any project group)Contact Information
Custom Protein ListsShows protein lists that have been added to the current folderUsing Custom Protein Annotations
Data ClassesCapture capture complex lineage and derivation information, especially when those derivations include bio-engineering systems such as gene-transfected cells and expression systems.Data Classes
Data PipelineConfigure the data pipeline for access to data files and set up long running processesData Processing Pipeline
Data Transform JobsProvides a history of all executed ETL runsETL: User Interface
Data TransformsLists the available ETL jobs, and buttons for running themETL: User Interface
Data ViewsData browser for reports, charts, viewsData Views Browser
DatasetsDatasets included in the studyDatasets Web Part
Experiment RunsList of runs within an experimentExperiment Terminology
Feature Annotation SetsSets of feature/probe information used in expression matrix assaysExpression Matrix Assay Tutorial
FilesThe file repository panel. Upload files for sharing and import into the databaseFiles
Flow AnalysesList of flow analyses that have been performed in the current folderStep 1: Customize Your Grid View
Flow Experiment ManagementTracks setting up an experiment and analyzing FCS filesFlow Dashboard Overview
Flow ReportsCreate and view positivity and QC reports for Flow analysesFlow Reports
Flow ScriptsAnalysis scripts each holding the gating template, rules for the compensation matrix, and which statistics and graphs to generate for an analysisStep 5: Flow Quality Control
Immunization ScheduleShow the schedule for treatments within a studyManage Study Products
Issue DefinitionsDefine properties of an issue tracking listIssue Tracker: Administration
Issues ListTrack issues for collaborative problem solvingIssue Tracker: Administration
Issues SummarySummary of issues in the current folder's issue trackerIssue Tracker: Administration
List - SingleDisplays the data in an individual listList Web Parts
ListsDisplays directory of all lists in the current folderList Web Parts
Mail RecordTest/development resource for email configuration.Test Email
Manage Peptide InventorySearch and pool peptides via this management interfacePeptide Search
Mass Spec Search (Tabbed)Combines "Protein Search" and "Peptide Search" for convenienceProtein Search
MessagesShow messages in this folderMessages Web Part
Messages ListShort list of messages without any detailsMessage List Web Part
MS2 RunsList of MS2 runsExplore the MS2 Dashboard
MS2 Runs BrowserFolder browser for MS2 runsView, Filter and Export All MS2 Runs
MS2 Runs with Peptide CountsAn MS2Extensions web part adding peptide counts with comparison and export filtersPeptide Search
MS2 Sample Preparation RunsList of sample preparation runsExplore the MS2 Dashboard
Peptide Freezer DiagramDiagram of peptides and their freezer locationsPeptide Search
Peptide SearchSearch for specific peptide identificationsPeptide Search
Pipeline FilesA management interface for files uploaded through the pipelineData Processing Pipeline
ProjectsProvides a list of projects on your siteProjects Web Part
Protein SearchDashboard for protein searches by name and minimum probabilityStep 6: Search for a Specific Protein
QueryShows results of a query as a gridQuery Web Part
ReportDisplay the contents of a report or viewReport Web Part: Display a Report or Chart
Run GroupsList of run groups within an analysis.Run Groups
Run TypesLinks to a list of experiment runs filtered by typeExperiment Terminology
Sample TypesCollections of samples that share columns and propertiesSamples
SearchText box to search wiki & other modules for a search stringSearch
Sequence RunsList of genotyping sequencing runs 
Study Data ToolsButton bar for common study analysis tasks. Buttons include, Create A New Graph, New Participant Report, etc.Step 1: Study Dashboards
Study ListDisplays basic study information (title, protocol, etc.) in top-down document fashion. 
Study OverviewManagement links for a study folder.Step 2: Study Reports
Study Protocol SummaryOverview of a Study Protocol (number of participants, etc).Study
Study ScheduleTracks data collection over the span of the study.Study Schedule
SubfoldersLists the subfolders of the current folder.Subfolders Web Part
Participant DetailsDashboard view for a particular study participant. 
Participant ListInteractive list of participants. Filter participants by group and cohort. 
Survey DesignsA list of available survey designs/templates to base surveys on.Tutorial: Survey Designer, Step 1
SurveysA list of survey results, completed by users.Tutorial: Survey Designer, Step 1
Vaccine DesignDefine immunogens, adjuvants, and antigens you will studyCreate a Vaccine Study Design
Vaccine Study ProtocolsList of current vaccine protocols (deprecated interface)Create a Vaccine Study Design
ViewsList of the data views in the study, including R views, charts, SQL queries, etc.Customize Grid Views
WikiDisplays a wiki page.Wiki Admin Guide
Workbooksmakecolumnwider Provides a light-weight container for managing smaller data files.Workbooks

Right Side, Narrow Web Parts

Web Part NameBrief DescriptionDocumentation
FilesLists a set of filesFiles
Flow SummaryCommon flow actions and configurationsStep 1: Customize Your Grid View
ListsDirectory of the lists in a folderLists
MS2 StatisticsStatistics on how many runs have been done on this server, etcMass Spectrometry
Protein SearchForm for finding protein informationMass Spectrometry
ProtocolsDisplays a list of protocolsExperiment Framework
Run GroupsList of run groupsRun Groups
Run TypesList of runs by typeRun Groups
Sample TypesCollections of samples that share properties and columnsSamples
SearchText box to search wiki & other modules for a search stringSearch
Study Data ToolsButton bar for common study analysis tasks. Buttons include, Create A New Graph, New Participant Report, etc.Step 1: Study Dashboards
Participant ListList of study participants 
ViewsList of views available in the folderCustomize Grid Views
WikiDisplays a narrow wiki pageWiki Admin Guide
Wiki Table of ContentsTable of Contents for wiki pagesWiki Admin Guide

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