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The assay request module expands the functionality of LabKey's generic issue tracker, providing a workflow designed especially for the assaying of specimens and samples, providing a collaboration tool that ties together the various elements of the work to be completed in a single trackable ticket. The module ties together the following elements:

  • the sample(s) to be processed
  • the kind of assay to be run (NAb, Luminex, ELISA, etc.)
  • the lab technician responsible for completing the assay processing
  • the original requester who will sign off on the completed work


The request dashboard shows at a glance the number and status of assay requests.

When a lab technician is running the requested assay, they select which request they are fulfilling to assist in connecting this information.

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Subscribers to premium editions of LabKey Server can learn more about how to configure and use the Assay Request Tracker in these topics:

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