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An assay design is a structured data container designed to collect and store information about a particular assay experiment. Some Specialty Assay types, including Luminex®, provide starting templates to make it simpler to create the design required for a particular instrument. In this tutorial, we simply create a named instance of the default Luminex assay design. You could further customize this assay design if needed, but this tutorial does not do so. For further information on the fields included in the default Luminex design, see Luminex Properties.

Create a New Default Luminex Design

  • Select (Admin) > Manage Assays.
  • Click New Assay Design.
  • Click the Specialty Assays tab.
  • Under Use Instrument Specific Data Format, select Luminex.
  • For the Assay Location choose Current Folder (Luminex).
  • Click Choose Luminex Assay.

The Luminex Assay Designer page lets you define assay properties and make any changes necessary to the schema. In this example, we use the default Luminex properties.

  • In the Assay Properties section, for Name enter "Luminex Assay 100".
  • Review the properties and fields available, but do not change them.
  • Click Save.

You've now created a new named assay design and can begin importing data.

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