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Electronic Lab Notebooks can be organized and color coded using tags, helping users group and prioritize their authoring and review work. New tags can be defined during notebook creation or in advance. You could use tags to represent projects, teams, or any other categorization(s) you would like to use. Each notebook can have a single tag applied.

Manage Tags

From the main menu, click Notebooks, then select Manage > Tags to open the dashboard.

Tags listed here will be available for users adding new notebooks.

Delete Unused Tag

To delete tags, an administrator can select one or more rows and click Delete. Tags in use for notebooks cannot be deleted.

Add New Tag

To add a new tag, an administrator clicks Create Tag, provides a name and optional description, sets a tag color, then clicks Create Tag again in the popup.

Once added, a tag definition and color assignment cannot be edited.

Require Tags

By default, new notebooks do not require a tag. An administrator can require a tag for every notebook by selecting > Application Settings and scrolling to the Notebook Settings section. Check the box to require a tag.

If this setting is enabled while there are existing notebooks without tags, these notebooks will display a banner message reminding the editor(s) to Add a tag before submitting. Click the to enable the tag selection dropdown.

Select Tag for Notebook

Notebook authors will see the colors and tags available when they create or edit notebooks:

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