Attachment reports enable you to upload and attach stand-alone documents, such as PDF, Word, or Excel files. This gives you a flexible way to interconnect your information.

You can create a report or visualization using a statistical or reporting tool outside of LabKey, then upload the report directly from your local machine, or point to a file elsewhere on the server.

Add an Attachment Report

To upload an attachment report, follow these steps:

  • Create the desired report and save it to your local machine.
  • Open the (triangle) menu in the Data Views web part.
  • Select Add Report > Attachment Report.
  • Provide the name, date, etc. for the report.
  • Upload the report from your local machine (or point to a document already on the server).

Once the file is uploaded it will be shown in the data browser. If you specify that it is to be shared, other users can view and download it.

If the report was saved in the external application with an embedded JPEG thumbnail, LabKey Server can in some cases extract that and use it as a preview in the user interface. See Manage Thumbnail Images for more information.

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