Biologics Tutorial: Create a New Biologics Project

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This tutorial shows you how to create a new, empty Biologics project and import your own data into it.

Access Biologics Trial

  • This tutorial assumes that you have access to a Biologics Trial instance of the server.
  • Navigate to it and log in.
  • On your site, click Explore.
You can also follow these steps on your own server, provided you have sufficient permissions.

Create a New Biologics Project

  • Navigate to the Home project of your trial server:
    • Click the product menu, click LabKey Server, then click LabKey Home.
  • Hover over the project menu and click the New Project button.
    • If you are using a trial server, you can click the Create panel to create a new project.
  • On the New Project page, enter a Name of your choice and select Biologics.
  • Click Next.
  • On the User Permissions page, click Next. For details on configuring security for your project see Security.
  • On the Project Settings page, click Finish.
  • The home page for LabKey Biologics will be displayed.

Import Your Own Data

Options for importing your own data:

Tutorial Curriculum

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