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LabKey Sample Manager is a sample management application designed to be easy-to-use while providing powerful lab sample tracking and workflow features.

Premium Feature — Available with all Premium Editions of LabKey Server. Learn more or contact LabKey.

Using Sample Manager with LabKey Server

Premium Editions of LabKey Server include the option to use the Sample Manager application within a project and integrate with LabKey Studies and other resources.

Premium Feature — Available with the Professional Edition of Sample Manager, LabKey Biologics LIMS, and the Professional and Enterprise Editions of LabKey Server. Learn more or contact LabKey.

Using Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) in Sample Manager

The Professional Edition of LabKey Sample Manager includes a user-friendly ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) designed to help scientists efficiently document their experiments and collaborate. This data-connected ELN is seamlessly integrated with other laboratory data in the application, including lab samples, assay data and other registered data.

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