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Administrators can manage user accounts, groups, and permission roles from within the Biologics LIMS application.

View User Details

Within the application, when an administrator (or user with the "See User and Group Details") clicks a username, such as in a sample grid or ELN, they will see a popup showing the full name, email, description, as well as effective roles and groups this user is a member of.

Click Manage in the popup to go to the user management page.

Non-administrators will see only their own username as a link to their profile details. For other users, they will see only a non-linked username.

Manage Users

Select > Users.

See and manage the users with access to the application. You can create, delete, deactivate, and reactivate users from this page.

Select a row to see more details about that user in a panel on the right.

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If the number of active users approaches the threshold for your installation, an administrator-configured message may be shown. Learn more in this topic:

Manage Groups

Select * > Groups** to manage group memberships. Functional user groups, like "Reviewers" or "BioEditors", make it easier to manage permissions by role instead of always by individual.

Type a new group name and click Create Group to add one. Click any group to add users (or other groups) to it.

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The "Users" Group

Note that there is always a "Users" group predefined in every project, sometimes used to represent every user with any access to the project, though this is not automatic. Users or groups must be explicitly added, or you can choose to delete this group if you don't want to use it.

Manage Permission Role Assignments

Select > Permissions to grant (and revoke) roles for the users and groups. Open a role by clicking on the tile, then add users or groups as needed.

Remember that permissions are additive. If a user is in a group that is granted "Editor", and also individually granted just the "Reader" role, they will have Editor permissions.

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