We're delighted to announce the release of LabKey Server version 19.3.

Feature Highlights of Version 19.3

  • Sample Manager is ready for preview. Designed in collaboration with laboratory researchers, LabKey Sample Manager is built to help researchers track and link together samples, sample lineage, associated experimental data, and workflows. Request a demo.
  • New Field Designer - User experience improvements when designing fields and tables. (docs)
  • Biologics: Lineage Views - Improved graphical and grid views on lineage relationships, as well as sample details. (docs)
  • Multiple Authentication Configurations - Configure multiple authentication configurations for each available protocol, allowing, for example, authenticating against multiple LDAP/Active Directory servers or multiple SAML identity providers.. (docs)
  • Secure ODBC Connections - Support for ODBC connections over TLS (transport layer security). (docs)

Premium Resources

New resources available to users of Premium Editions of LabKey Server include:

See the full Release Notes 19.3

The symbol indicates a feature available in a Premium Edition of LabKey Server.

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