Tutorials provide a "hands on" introduction to the core features of LabKey Server, giving step-by-step instructions for building solutions to common problems. They are listed roughly from simple to more complex, and you can pick and choose only those that interest you.

In order to run any tutorial, you will need:

If you are starting a cloud-hosted trial of LabKey Server, this video will show you around:

This icon indicates whether the tutorial can be completed on a Hosted server trial or a Virtual Machine evaluation version.

New User Tutorials

Title Description Works on Hosted Trial Server? Works on VM Trial Server?
Data Grid TutorialTake a quick tour of data grids and visualizations. No trial server necessary.  
Tutorial: SecurityLearn how to organize and secure your data using LabKey Server.
Tutorial: File RepositoryManage, search, and share file resources.
Tutorial: Collaboration ToolsLearn how to use LabKey Server's secure, web-based collaboration tools.
Tutorial: ListsWork with data tables.
Tutorial: Electronic Lab NotebookSet up a basic electronic lab notebook and sample inventory system.

Study Tutorials

Assay Tutorials

Title Description Works on Hosted Trial Server? Works on VM Trial Server?
Tutorial: Design a General Purpose Assay Type (GPAT)Import, manage, and analyze assay data. Add assay data to a study.
Tutorial: NAb AssayWork with NAb experiment data from 96-well or 384-well plates
Tutorial: ELISA AssayImport and analyze ELISA experiment data.
Tutorial: ELISpot Assay TutorialImport and analyze ELISpot experiment data.
Discovery Proteomics TutorialStorage and analysis for high-throughput proteomics and tandem mass spec experiments.
Tutorial: Import a Flow WorkspaceLearn about using LabKey for management, analysis, and high-throughput processing of flow data.
Tutorial: Set Flow BackgroundLearn about setting metadata and using backgrounds with flow data.
Tutorial: Perform a LabKey Flow AnalysisAnalyze flow data.
Tutorial: Import Flow Data from FCS ExpressSet up to export directly from FCS Express into LabKey 
Luminex Assay Tutorial Level IManage, quality control, analyze, share, integrate and export Luminex immunoassay results. 
Luminex Assay Tutorial Level IIUse advanced features for quality control and analysis. 
Microarray Assay TutorialWork with sample microarray data. 
Expression Matrix Assay TutorialTry an example expression matrix assay. 

Developer Tutorials

Biologics Tutorials


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