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To support multi-attribute method analysis, Skyline supports crosslinked peptides as special peptide modification annotations. When crosslinked peptides are included in a Skyline document imported to Panorama, the foldershow all of the peptides involved in the linking and highlight the amino acids involved. Crosslinked peptides sequences are parsed into a reusable data structure, and link locations are rendered as modifications.

Crosslinked Peptides

Peptide crosslinks are a form of post-translational modifications for peptides. Peptides are connected via a small linking molecule. One or more other peptides could be linked from each amino acid.

When Panorama renders these peptides and their precursors, we now show all of the peptides that are involved in the complex, each on a separate line. The amino acids involved in the linking are highlighted in green.

Peptide Map Report

When cross-linked peptides are present, the peptide mapping report for MAM folders will show details about how and where the peptides are linked.

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